Epoxy Grout Formula | Bundle Deal  [You Get 6 Bottles]

Epoxy Grout Formula | Bundle Deal [You Get 6 Bottles]

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You can purchase our bundle deal selection includes six 16oz bottles of Epoxy Grout Formula on sale here for only $99.99 

Introducing EPOXY GROUT FORMULA - a Professional-grade epoxy grout cleaning solution in a 16oz bottle.

 The cleaning coverage of the formula is estimated to be 100 square feet per bottle.

  • Product is specifically designed for initial and final wash of epoxy grout during installation.
  • loosening fresh epoxy grout from the tile surface, making clean-up easier.
  • Experience the luxury of extended epoxy grout work time.
  • Fights to prevents stains, haze, shine, and sticky floors.
  • Extends the work time of sponges and scrubpads by preventing epoxy grout from sticking to them easily.
  • Works towards a fantastic clean floor finish and is proven to outperform traditional methods
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