Instructions & Safety


  • Each Bottle Estimated Coverage 100 -120 Sq.Ft. Or Based On Preference Use.

How To Use E-G Formula 

  • Always Shake Bottle To Mix Well Before Using. 
  • Pour 1/3 or 1/2 of E-G Formula Bottle into a 2½ to 3 Gallon Bucket of Clean Water.
  • Make 2 Buckets, One For Initial Wash & One For Final Wash As Needed per Job.
  • Frist Must Apply E-G Formula Mix Over Fresh Epoxy Grout Right After Spreading Using a Sponge & Lightly Dropping E-G Mix Covering Most of the Epoxy Grout, You Must Do This Before Starting Initial Scrub Wash.
  • Use E-G Scrub-Pads With E-G Formula Mix To Start Initial Scrub Wash in Circulation Motion Scrubbing Consistently.
  • Clean Up Initial Wash Using a Clean Sponge With E-G Formula Mix & Only Using One Side of Sponge Per Wipe.
  • To Final Wash Repeat The Last 2 Steps Using 1 Bucket With Clean E-G Formula Mix a Clean Scrub-Pad, Clean Sponge, About 5 to 10 Minutes After First Wash is Completed. 
  • Watch Video If Needed.
  • Effective For All Epoxy Grout Types

Safety First 

  • This is a Cleaning Product Designed For Epoxy Grout Use Only.
  • Always Wear Long Latex Gloves When Using Cleaning Products.
  • If Eye Contact Rinse Well With Water & Wash Off.
  • Do Not Drink!
  • Keep Away From Children!