What is E|G REDUCER ?

E|G Reducer is made from the same components as our most popular product E|G Formula. However the only difference is this product contains more of the stronger components to target stains after epoxy grout has dried. You may use this product manually with E|G Scrubpads or depending on the situation a buffing machine works best with E|G|R specially for the bigger open areas.

We recommend using E|G Formula as a product of choice to reduce the risk of serious stains with epoxy grout, however E|G Reducer also has you covered. it's an excellent E|G product that installers and contractors love to use. Save thousands of dollars in damage cost. E|G Reducer have saved jobs from being redone. We understand this are delicate situations and that's why we're in this business to help you.

Scale a Job : For instance a bad epoxy grout job you see stains, sticky floor, foot prints etc and we'll describe this job by rating it a level 5 being at its worst & level 1 being the cleanest.

E|G Reducer could help bring a level 5 epoxy grout job down to a Level 3 or possibly a level 2 which now has a better tolerance and becomes a passable job. Same for a rated level 3 Job E|G|R  could help bring that number down to a Level 1. 

 E|G Formula Your Professional Choice

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