Epoxy Grout Formula

Epoxy Grout Formula Designed November 2013 Its Has Been Successfully Used Over Hundreds Of Thousands Sq.Ft. In South Florida Sarasota Area, Up to Tampa, Orlando & Down To Miami & Since January 2019 Its Being Used Nationwide With Satisfied Loyal Customers. Thank You All,  Sincerely Team E.G.F.

Tell Us What You Think About E-G Formula After Using & Would You Recommend This Product?



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    • HeriHenry
  • Really happy I went with this product. I don’t know if it’s just glorified soap, or something different chemically, but, what I do know is it did exactly what it promised to do. And, it did a great job at it.

    Was grouting a shower stall and it was slow going. Exceeded the published work time for epoxy grout by a factor of two.

    What I had was a film of epoxy left on the surface of the tile that resembled 100% Silicone. I was desperate and was mentally preparing to demo the entire shower and start from scratch…

    But, I persisted. As soon as I finished grouting, I began the cleaning process and, to my great surprise, the stuff cut right through the film like dish soap through grease.

    It all ended with a successful cleanup. Money well spent.

    I do recommend to anyone doing epoxy grout project.

    Not affiliated with them in any way and did not get a sample for review, just a real, really happy customer:)

    • Arie
  • Great Stuff Man. Thanks

    • Jr Lopez
  • This product works amazing! I Used it twice already and I’m impressed on my results! Definitely worth trying if you deal a lot with epoxy! Thanks EG formula

    • Ed
  • Not bad at all I bought 10 bottles to do 1100 sq ft of epoxy grout it was a Tec product and i was pretty impressed it definitely help, specially with not having to go through so many sponges lol.. thank you guys

    • Rick Hansen